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Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

$74.99 $79.99 saving $5.00
Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

$74.99 $79.99 saving $5.00
No more fumbling for your phone or struggling to press tiny buttons on your headphones. Ride free with Chubby Buttons!
  • Never pull out your phone again.
  • Control the most important functions of your phone right from your arm.
  • Oversized buttons, easy to press w/ gloves or mittens.
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Compatible w/ all smartphones, music apps, headphones (wired & wireless) & bluetooth speakers.
  • Lightweight, durable, splash resistant.
  • Nanosuction backing sticks to flat surfaces (i.e. shower tiles, car radios, etc.)
  • All season battery life.
New features for Chubby Buttons 2:
  • Launch Siri & Google Assistant
  • Answer calls
  • Control your tunes better than before
  • Improved armband hold

*Sendisfaction Guarantee: Try it within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee. For returns, you just pay shipping.

Feel free to contact us at support@chubbybuttons.io with any questions whatsoever! We can also be reached (917) 426-5745

Customer Reviews

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Jon French
It’s nice to have tactile feedback

I have my Chubby on my steering wheel right now so I don’t even have to look at it to hit the right button. Bike season is almost over but I’ll use it on my arm when I ride next year.

Whittier Hua
Best Customer Support

Needed the remotes shipped as soon as possible due to one of them being a birthday gift. Customer support immediately responded and worked with me. Everything arrived really quickly and am very excited to try this out shredding the pow pow.

Attention To Detail Extracts
Great for snowboarding

Never missed a beat on the slopes yesterday...controlled my phones music flawlessly...

Not only a great product but incredible customer service

I have owned a CBII for about a year. At some point the unit started malfunctioning so I wrote to CB about the issue. I got an immediate response and a replacement was sent out to me quickly. I use mine on my electric Zero DSR to control volume for my navigation and music. I formerly wore it on my forearm but found keeping it on my tank bag a better option. Wonderful product and customer service. I've recommended the CB to several others who have purchased them.

Eddie S.
Glad I bought them.

Used the Chubby Button on a 2 week motorcycle trip and worked perfect. Was able to control volume, change songs, pause and restart a selection as advertised. Very pleased with my Chubby Button purchase.