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The wearable bluetooth remote.

Control the essential functions of your phone while keeping it safe in your pocket. Big fat buttons, easy to press with gloves.

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Chubby Buttons 2

New Features:

Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote
  • Launch Your Virtual Assistant

    Summon Siri (iPhone) and Google Assistant (Android) remotely, with the touch of your glove.

  • Handle Phone Calls

    Answer or reject incoming calls. (Hang-up and mute available only on Android.) In the iOS Zoom App, mute/unmute calls and adjust volume.

  • Control Your Tunes

    Control your tunes even better than before... Easy media controls (plus track scrubbing forward + back only on iPhone).

  • Selfies & Movies

    Set up your phone camera, walk back into frame and use the "+" as a selfie remote. Also, pair Chubby to your Apple TV to play/pause and adjust volume.

Wear it.

Perfect for sports with gloves, busy hands, or going fast. Big buttons, easy to press with gloves or sweaty hands. Keep your eyes up and your focus ahead.

Stick it.

Make your stuff smart! Remove the armband and stick Chubby to flat surfaces with its nanosuction backing. Keep your phone away from messy hands, and stay present with your guests.

Control your phone remotely while you're on the move.

  • Motor Sports.

    Ride safe & ride free. Big, easy-press buttons, designed for gloved hands. It's water and dust resistant. Also controls Bluetooth & vehicle speakers.

  • Road Sports.

    Keep your eyes up and your focus ahead. Works with all headphones, wired & wireless. An affordable, year-round solution for all your favorite summer and winter sports.

  • Gym Sports.

    Perfect for sweaty hands or gloves (i.e. weight-lifting, crossfit, boxing). Keep your phone out of your pocket and away from the training area. Control the music on your headphones, gym speakers, or wherever you've paired your phone.

  • Be Present.

    Keep your eyes up and your attention on your students. Don't interrupt class to pause your song, adjust the volume or reject an incoming call.

  • Keep Moving.

    Easy to press w/ sweaty hands, wraps, or gloves. Keep your phone away from the training area. Controls bluetooth speakers or the studio's sound system... anywhere music is played from your phone. Reject incoming calls or scrub to your desired start point in the song (only on iPhone).

  • Stay Focused.

    Keep your eyes on the road. Drive safer! No more unlocking your phone and scrolling thru your music app. Perfect for older model cars that don't have built-in bluetooth.

  • The Magic of Nano.

    Nanosuction backing contains millions of tiny suction cups that stick to flat surfaces like motorcycles, shower tiles, and mirrors.

  • The Bathroom Buddy.

    Stick it on shower tiles or the bathroom mirror. Shower friendly & water resistant. No more reaching for your phone w/ wet hands. Controls all bluetooth speakers and music apps. And on iPhone, scrub forward right thru podcast commercials and get to the good stuff.

  • The Kitchen Companion.

    Let Chubby take the heat. Keep your phone away from the mess. Works great with cooking gloves, oven mitts, etc.

  • Stay Present, Stay Social

    Anyone can use Chubby no matter whose phone is playing the music. Press forward on Chubby Buttons to play the next song on the playlist. Hosting? Never again divert your attention from your guests to fumble with the music on your phone... and no more yelling for Siri or Alexa.

Even More Features!

Big Fat Buttons

Easy-press convenience designed specifically for gloves/mittens, wet/dirty hands, even when going fast.

Works w/ all Headphones

Compatible with all smartphones, music apps, headphones (wired & wireless), and Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth 5.1

The latest in wireless tech, Chubby 2 has an outdoor range of over 100 ft.

All Season Battery Life

With it's long-lasting battery, Chubby takes on the elements so your phone can stay warm in your pocket, saving battery life.


Durable and lightweight, perfect for action sports.

Water Resistant

Impenetrable to splashes, rain, snow, dust, wind and freezing temps.

Why Chubby Buttons?


Don't take it from us.

Excellent product, solid build, nicely implemented, very responsive, and no annoying or compromising sleep/keyboard issues. Well worth the cost, and I highly recommend it.

I'm not one to write a lot of reviews but this one is a must. After years of annoyance having to pull out my phone and remove my gloves to control my music while skiing, there's finally an answer! Bought this just in time for my trip to Breck and couldn't be happier with the purchase. It's funny how something so simple can make such a huge difference in enjoying one of your favorite activities.

Straight legit - works perfect with bluetooth headphones at the same time. Literally THE BEST. Buy it.