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Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

$74.99 $79.99 saving $5.00
Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

$74.99 $79.99 saving $5.00

New features for Chubby Buttons 2:

  • Launch Siri & Google Assistant

  • Answer calls

  • Control your tunes better than before

  • Improved armband hold

  • Black-on-black colorway

    No more fumbling for your phone or struggling to press tiny buttons on your headphones. Ride free with Chubby Buttons!
    • Never pull out your phone again.
    • Control the most important functions of your phone right from your arm.
    • Oversized buttons, easy to press w/ gloves or mittens.
    • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth.
    • Compatible w/ all smartphones, music apps, headphones (wired & wireless) & bluetooth speakers.
    • No app downloads, simply pair it and go!
    • Lightweight, durable, splash resistant.
    • Nanosuction backing sticks to flat surfaces (i.e. motorcycles, shower tiles, car radios.)
    • All-season battery life.
    • Saves phone battery in cold weather.

    *Sendisfaction Guarantee: Try it within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee. For returns, you just pay shipping.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Great! Making phone calls is a dangerous game though...

    Love this thing! The inability to hang up with an iPhone is a bit of a hole in the functionality though. If I place a call with Siri I’m in trouble if the other person doesn’t pick up. I’ve left a few long voicemails haha not a deal breaker though.

    Purchased for snowboarding

    Paired with my note 9 with no problems..
    Works well and super convenient.
    Switch out battery every season and you should be fine.

    Great in the steam

    Bought this to control my phone’s music while in the steam shower, but am thinking about using it while on the motorcycle as well. Seems to be well made. The buttons are large and easy to operate, and setup was a breeze. Would consider buying another one for the bike.

    Great product for reviewing lecture material

    I use Chubby Buttons to listen to medical lectures/audio content on my phone where it’s super useful to be able to easily rewind, fast forward, and pause quickly. It really helps with recall and if I missed something. Overall I’m a big fan of the product as it does exactly what I need it to and the version 2.0 is a huge update over the first version.

    Beautiful, sturdy product

    I gave one of these to my wife for controlling her music while running, and she's thrilled. The design is nice and simple, and very sturdy. Would highly recommend!