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Chubby Buttons 2
The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

Chubby Buttons 2: The Wearable/Stickable Bluetooth Remote

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1 Year Warranty

30 days money-back guarantee.

Designed in the USA

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Controls Phone
Oversized Buttons
Weather proof

Our nanosuction layer contains millions of tiny suction cups that enable chubby buttons to stick to any smooth surface around the house.

  • Tiles
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Metal
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Reusable
  • Washable

People are

See it in

Rubber meets

the road...

Big, easy-press buttons, designed for gloved hands.

Keep your eyes up and your attention on the road.

Ride free with Chubby Buttons!

Shred safely

the slopes...

Big, easy-press buttons, designed for gloved hands.

Keep your eyes up and your attention on the mountain.

Ride free with Chubby Buttons!

Be Present


Stick it

everywhere you can

Wear it

Perfect for sports with gloves, busy hands,or going fast. Big buttons, easy to press withgloves or sweaty hands. Keep your eyes upand your focus ahead.

Stick it

Make your stuff smart! Remove the armbandand stick Chubby to flat surfaces with itsnanosuction backing. Keep your phone awayfrom messy hands, and stay present withyour guests.

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chubby buttons

Frequently Asked

Does my Chubby Buttons work with all headphones?

In essence, your Chubby Buttons is seen as a bluetooth keyboard by your smartphone, and your phone can have up to 8 bluetooth inputs. Since your smartphone sees Chubby Buttons simply as a keyboard, it really has no affect whatsoever as to how you choose to listen to your music. You can have wired headphones, wireless headphones, or a big bluetooth speaker. Ultimately, the best answer is that your Chubby Buttons has no affect on the bluetooth audio output, so de facto -- it "works" with all headphones :)

How does my Chubby Buttons handle phone calls?

Incoming Call:
Receive a call: tap the "play/pause" button

Decline a call: hold the "play/pause" button

During a Call:
Mute a call (Android only): hold the "play/pause" button

Hangup a call (Android only): tap the "play/pause" button*

Hanging up calls on iOS:
*Unfortunately the hang up call function is not available with iOS, we were only able to get it working on Android. We tried to make this very clear in our advertising and our website, as well as our Amazon listing. If it was not made clear to you before your purchase, I do apologize.

How long does each battery last?

Each Chubby Buttons battery should last at least 4 months on one singular CR-2032 battery. Chubby Buttons was designed to go into a smart sleep whenever you're not using it so it won't ever drain unnecessary power. We've also included two batteries in the box so you have a spare if you do need one!

What is the farthest distance I can be away from my smartphone?

Well, according to the Bluetooth protocol, you can be up to 200 feet away. But, this is only if you have a complete unobstructed line of site between your smartphone and your Chubby Buttons. Normally, even in crowded areas, you should be able to get at least 75 feet away. Let us know what works for you!

Is my Chubby Buttons water resistant?

Your Chubby Buttons can get wet! But not that wet. It can definitely take on the snow and rain, the light drizzle of a shower, and of course -- your hard-earned sweat. Don't take it for a dive though. Chubby Buttons doesn't know how to swim.

Can I purchase a replacement armband?

Of course you can. You can use this direct link to purchase a replacement armband for your Chubby Buttons 2. Both "Tron" and "Hunter" units ship with the same armband color-way, and this is that exact replacement.  We do not currently have the Patriot color-way armbands in stock to purchase. This armband will fit your Patriot Chubby Buttons just fine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Thank you, thank you

Finally, no more trying to make my "glove-friendly" headphones buttons actually work with gloves. No more cursing that I wanted to raise the volume, not skip a song, because one button is made to do double-duty. Chubby Buttons has given me exactly what I wanted while snowboarding. Easy way to change songs, to raise or lower volume or pause. Wish I had this years ago.

Art Pufford
Awesome Device

As an older motorcycle rider, I appreciate having the easy to see, easy to use buttons accessible to me quickly when I'm riding. Thank you for developing this awesome device.

Perfect remote

I bought Chubby buttons primarily for skiing, looks like the perfect solution for the slopes. Very easy setup and easy to use with gloves on. No more taking gloves off just to change the volume or skip a tune. Looking forward to trying next day out.

Rich Bonnanzio
Chubby Buttons

It is too early for final review. The Bluetooth does not stay connected to iPhone sand battery should be rechargeable instead of throwaway.

Elena Rains
LOVE IT ❤️❤️

Is March 17, 2023, and I just saw you present your product, chubby buttons, and although the Shark Tank people didn’t buy into it, I surely did I can think of 1 million places I can use that like in my car in my kitchen when I go running when I go bike riding when I go walking just about everywhere I go. The dream is endless and I’m so proud of you guys and how awesome is it that you’ve been best friends since the age of 13. I, also, live in Salt Lake County, and more specifically Midvale Utah (the nice part of Midvale / LOL!) thank you for inventing and presenting such a fabulous product. I cannot wait for mine to arrive. If I had $250,000 cash, including all the variances., I would 100% invest in your company.. just remember inventing a product and trying to sell it is like trying to sell commercial truck insurance. You may get one or two every hundred or 125 calls, but that’s the joy of being an insurance agent or are used to be an insurance agent. I’m now a senior software project manager and I love it like no other however, I would not mind getting in on this project with you.

Currently, I am not working, and if you need help with Brookshore, integrated software or anything like that, I would love to come and meet with you and see if we’re a good match to working with each other. Again, my name is Elena Rains & my cell number is: [****].

Kind Regards,
Elena Rains